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Byte Magazine Volume 08 Number 06 - 16-Bit Designs (RESCAN)

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Byte Magazine Volume 08 Number 06 - 16-Bit Designs (RESCAN)

Published June 1983

p.52 16-Bit Designs
[author Phil Lemmons]
Powerful 16-bit microprocessors coupled with greater memory capacity and, advanced memory-management techniques promise to elevate the micro to new levels of power and speed. And the winners are the users. In our theme articles you'll read about what's new in the 16-bit arena.
p.54 Sunrise Systems
[author Bruce Roberts]
This Texas-based startup company produces portable 8- and 16-bit microcomputer systems that are labeled and marketed by OEMs.
p.74 The Gavilan Mobile Computer
[author Phil Lemmons]
Lightweight powerful, and portable, this battery-powered 16-bit computer can go anywhere. And its optional printer fits in a standard-size briefcase right along with the computer.
p.96 Digital's Professional 300 Series
[author Wesley Melling]
Owning a 325 or 350 is almost like having a personal minicomputer. They both share the PDP-11 instruction set and memory management and provide about 90 percent of the throughput of a PDP-11/24.
p.104 A DEC on Every Desk?
[author John J. Snyder]
A look at Digital Equipment Corporation's representatives in the microcomputer world.
p.110 Tight Squeeze: The HP Series 200 Model 16
[author John Monahan]
How Hewlett-Packard crammed a powerful 16-bit microcomputer into one square foot of desk space.
p.128 Texas Instruments' 99/2 Basic Computer
[author Harry Littlejohn and Mark Jander]
Software compatible with the 99/4A. this 16-bit, less-than-$100 machine makes a good home computer.
p.138 Implementing Minicomputer Capabilities In a Desktop Microcomputer
[author Colin Nayler]
Multiple users, Xenix, and local-area networks characterize the Altos 586.
p.150 A Machine for All Processors: The Fujitsu Model 16s
[author Wayne Clingingsmith]
Its plug-in processors allow the Model 16s to run a variety of operating systems and applications programs.
p.168 The Pronto Series 16
[author Skip Hansen]
An explanation of the design philosophy behind this business-oriented Intel-80186 based microcomputer.
p.188 A Sleek Import: The Docutel/Olivetti M20
[author Sergio Mello-Grand]
A personal computer that marches to the beat of a different drummer-the Z8000.
p.194 Modular Architecture
[author Sudha Kavuru]
Some insights into designing a modular computer around the IBM Personal Computer.
p.208 Digital Research's DR Logo
[author Gary Kildall and David Thornburg]
This userfriendly language comes of age.
p.230 An Inside Look at MS-DOS
[author Tim Paterson]
The history of and design decisions behind MS-DOS, how it works, and where it's going.
p.256 BYTE West Coast: A Guided Tour of Visi On
[author Phil Lemmons]
Visicorp's Bill Coleman discusses in detail the development workings, and operation of Visi On, the company's new operating environment.
p.35 Use ADPCM for Highly Intelligible Speech Synthesis
[author Steve Ciarcia]
Integrated circuits from Oki Semiconductor compress digitized speech data efficiently.
p.282 NEC PC-8201
[author Stan Wszola]
Yet another portable computer vies for a place in the executive briefcase.
p.306 The User Goes to the Faire
[author Jerry Pournelle]
Our redoubtable critic reports on his journey from Chaos Manor to the Eighth West Coast Computer Faire.
p.339 Design Philosophy Behind Motorola's MC68000, Part 3: Advanced lnstructions
[author Thomas W. Starnes]
Special MC68000 instructions allow programmers to write complicated code quickly and compactly.
p.352 The Bazeries Cylinder
[author Rinaldo F. Prisco]
How to create ciphertext using methods based on the Bazeries Cylinder's time-proven cryptographic principles.
p.387 AVL Trees
[author W. D. Maurer]
Introducing a scheme for searching and updating sorted data efficiently.
p.395 Build a Simple Light Pen for the Apple II
[author David J. Lilja]
Avoid complex hardware by using software strategically.
p.411 User's Column: Zenith Z-100, Epson QX-10, Software Licensing, and the Software Piracy Problem
[author Jerry Pournelle]
Our intrepid columnist shoots from the hip and takes a little flak.
p.450 The 8086-An Architecture for the Future, Part 1: Introduction and Glossary
[author Stephen A. Heywood]
The advanced 8086 microprocessor overcomes the limitations of previous designs.
p.288 HMS3264 EPROM Programmer
[author Marvin L. DeJong]
This program package lets an Apple II handle the programming tasks for a variety of software-development tasks.
p.298 Electrohome Supercolor Board and Color Monitor
[author Jon N. Swanson]
A color-graphics display system for the Apple II.
p.4 Editorial: High-Tech Morrill Act
p.10 Letters
p.364 Programming Quickies: Novel Methods of Integer Multiplication and Division
p.379 Technical Forum: Random Numbers from an All-Digital Generator
p.446 Book Review: 6502 Assembly-Language Subroutines
p.458 Clubs and Newsletters
p.462 Ask BYTE
p.466 Software Received
p.470 Event Queue
p.479 Books Received
p.482 What's New?
p.547 Unclassified Ads
p.542 BOMB, BOMB Results
p.543 Reader Service

Year 1983
Language English
Collection byte-magazine-rescans; computermagazines; magazine_rack; additional_collections


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